is a Persian/Farsi word meaning: I'm Joyful

Khoshhaulam was born in the Iranian community on April 24th, 2020, by Mehran Sorourian, a podcaster, coach, and immigrant advocate. 

When the country was experiencing immense fear of uncertainty during the pandemic, Mehran found her immigrant community under great stress. With the vision to reduce her communities' stress and enhance experts businesses, she started Khoshhaulam, formerly known as "Khoshhauli dar Sakthi" meaning joy during difficult times.

Along with providing a platform and advertisement, Mehran has coached and mentored immigrants eager to teach. From its birth, Khoshhaulam has supported over 100 business owners, mainly Iranian women, in starting and expanding their businesses in the States and Canada.

Our Vision:

At Khoshhaulam, we believe a lack of English Fluency should not be a barrier to transfer one's knowledge. We support educators in teaching their skills and earning additional income.

Our mission:

We empower immigrants to build their businesses utilizing the expertise they brought from home. We provide coaching, training, technical support, and the platform to educate our next generation while earning side money working from home.

Phenix Khoshhaulam