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Perfectionism workshop Video+ Live

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In this course, you will learn about the different types of perfectionism and will be able to have a deeper understanding of which type you are. We will also understand the pros and cons of perfectionism through video training. You will also be given a worksheet where you will be strongly encouraged to write about the positives and the negatives of this trait. Once you do complete your course work, you can attend one or all 3 sessions of my perfectionism workshop where we talk about our issues and I will offer you solutions on how to overcome them.

Language of the 3 videos: Farsi

Language of the worksheet: Farsi & English

Language of the 3Q/A: Farsi

اگه کمالگرا هستید، یا با کمالگرا‌ها در ارتباط هستید، این کلاس بسیار براتون کاربردی خواهد بود. در این کلاس از انوأع کمالگرأیی میگیم. از خوبی هاش و بدی هاش. از اینکه دیگران چه برداشتی از کمالگرأ دارن. توی این کورس به شما دفترچه یی داده خواهد شد که با پر کردن اون پس از دیدن ویدیو‌ها به نکات جدیدی در مورد خودتون پی خواهید برد. در آخر این کورس، ۳ جلسه حضوری خواهیم داشت که میتونید توی اونها شرکت کنید و بر اساس مشکلتتون راهکرد‌های مختلفی دریافت کنید! منتظر دیدن روی ماه تک تکتون هستم!

Days: September 28th 12pm PST

September 29th 6pm PST

October6th 6pm PST

October 10th 11Am PST

you may attend one or all sessions.

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What Will You Learn?

  • In this course/workshop you learn tremendously about your perfectionism and how it is impacting you.
  • You will learn techniques to manage it and live a stress-free life.

Course Content

Intro to Perfectionism and the different types کمالگرأیی و انواع آن

  • Video 1
  • Awareness quizz

Perfectionism Pros نقاط مثبت کمالگرأیی

Perfectionism Cons نقاط منفی کمالگرأیی
In this video, you learn about the cons of perfectionism and how it impacts your professional development and your personal life negatively. you may answer the quiz here, or در این ویدیو به نقاط منفی کمالگرأیی اشاره می‌کنیم و تاثیراتی که در زندگی شخصی و کاریمون میذاره. پس از دیدن ویدیو شما میتونید سوالات مربوط به این قسمت رو همینجا توی قسمت کویز انجام بدید یا فایل مربوطه رو داخل کورس دانلود کنید و در اوقات فراقتتون جواب بدید.

Live discussion on solutions
In this live session, I will answer your questions and we will find solutions to the pains you are enduring as a result of your perfectionism. you may attend any and all the sessions in this course. just make sure, you mark your calendar! در این جلسه زنده سوال‌های شما رو جواب میدم و با راهکردهأیی که تحقیقات نشون داده تاثیر مثبتی روی کنترل کمالگرأیی دارن، شما رو راهنمایی می‌کنم.

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2 years ago
I have a small baking business, and I was a perfectionist with major OCD. there were times I would charge my customers less because I though my work wasn't perfect enough. In my mind each sugar cookie should have looked as if they were printed by the printer. I took Mehran's workshop, her course helped me tremendously. I recently thought to a class of 140 people how to decorate holiday cookies and told them about my OCD and how this amazing career coach changed my life. I wish I had taken this course years ago, thank you Mehran I'm much happier with what I do. If you are a perfectionist and need help, this course if for you.
2 years ago
یه دوره عالی با کلی مطالب آموزشی برای تمام کمالگراها و البته کسانی که با یک کمالگرا در ارتباط هستن.
2 years ago
Loved the course! Must for most of us middle eastern women!
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