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Machine Learning Concepts for Kids- Fall 2021 (live classes via zoom; 1st session Sep. 21st)

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یادگیری ماشین و هوش مصنوعی مهارتی است که امروزه خیلی از آدمها در رشته ها و شغلهای مختلف به صورت روزانه با آن سروکار دارند. با فراگیر شدن ماشین لرنینگ و هوش مصنوعی, آینده دنیا به سمتی خواهد رفت که داشتن این مهارت و دانستن مفاهیم آن برای آینده حرفه ای کودکانمان لازم و ضروری خواهد بود. ما معتقدیم که قرار گرفتن در معرض مفاهیم پیشرفته علم و تکنولوژی از سالهای کودکی می تواند پیشرفت تحصیلی و عادتهای تفکر علمی و منطقی را در کودکان تقویت کند.
اگر می خواهید فرزندان شما با مفاهیم اساسی یادگیری ماشین و الگوریتم های کلاسیک آن آشنا شوند این تجربه سرگرم کننده و جذاب را از دست ندهید!

این درس که توسط محققان و دانشمندان حرفه ای در دانشگاه های برتر ایالات متحده طراحی و برای مخاطب فارسی زبان بازنگری و تدوین شده است, داستانهای جذاب و تصاویر شفاف و گویا برای کودکان را باهم ترکیب می کند تا ذهن های جوان کودکان تفکر عمیق را تمرین کرده و مفاهیم هوش مصنوعی و یادگیری ماشین را از طریق داستان ، بازی و بحث های سرگرم کننده, و مثالهای کاربردی از دنیای واقعی یاد بگیرند.

این دوره در هشت جلسه 45 دقیقه ای طراحی شده است و شامل مباحثی از قبیل معرفی ساز و کار رباتها, و شماری از الگوریتم های اصلی ماشین لرنینگ خواهد بود. کلاس 50% به زبان فارسی و 50% انگلیسی خواهد بود و روزهای سه شنبه هر هفته ساعت 6 بعدازظهر به وقت نیویورک بصورت زنده از طریق زوم برگزار خواهد شد. شروع کلاسها از سه شنبه 21 سپتامبر!


Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now everywhere! The influence and impact of machine learning can be seen in everything from our morning coffee orders to the online banking apps we use. In fact, machine learning is so prevalent and pervasive that it’s difficult to imagine a world without it. This is why it is not only important, but critical for our young children and their future to get familiar with and understand the basic concepts of machine learning and what the future holds. We believe that early exposure to advanced scientific and technological concepts can foster academic achievement and strong thinking habits.

If you want your kids to get familiar with the fundamental concepts of machine learning and its classic algorithms, practice scientific thinking, and improve their intellectual skills, this course is all you need! Conceived by professional researchers and scientists at top U.S. universities, this course combines engaging stories with clear pictures/diagrams to communicate scientific breakthroughs. We will teach elementary-aged kids to think deeply and understand the concepts of artificial intelligence and machine learning through stories, games, real-world examples/applications, and fun discussions. Come join us in this class and let’s turn the young minds you love into scientific geniuses!

this course is designed in 8 45-minute sessions. it includes an introduction to how robots work as well as an introduction to many fundamental topics and algorithms in machine learning such as linear separability, nearest neighbor, decision tree, linear regression, etc. The course will be 50% in Farsi and 50% in English. Classes will be held live via zoom every Tuesday at 6:00 pm EST, starting from Tuesday, September 21st.

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2 years ago
My son loved this course. The instructor used real-life examples to teach machine learning concepts. she broke down the course into a series and asked them to apply it to everyday life. she was very patient, answered their questions, and listened carefully. I highly suggest this class. this course will also help them with problem solving skills.
2 years ago
My son loved this course. Arefeh is a very professional and kind teacher. She tries to get the kids involved and encourage them to talk in class. She explains the course in a simple way so it’s understandable for young kids. The homework is about the kids’ everyday life and it makes the course fascinating for them. We had a great experience and we highly recommend it.
2 years ago
This course focuses on teaching fundamental concepts and major algorithms used in machine learning through stories and real-world examples in a way to be easy to understand for elementary school kids. My son had soooo much fun in the class and he learned about algorithms such as regression, decision tree, nearest neighbor, and clustering in a way he can use them even when he is playing. I highly recommend this course to those parents who want their kids to learn concepts of ML in a way beyond just being able to code. This course gives them a more clear view of how ML is used in their everyday life and how they can analyze and understand where in their playing, decision making, and problem-solving they can use the ML algorithms.
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