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Emotional Intelligence 4-6 yrs – First Term (6 sessions via ZOOM)

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This course in two terms utilizes purposeful play to improve Emotional Intelligence in your kids. In the first term, we focus on learning different emotions such as  Happiness, Anger, Kindness, Fear, Sadness. In the second term, we will get into other emotions such as Love, Self-confidence, and technics to control emotions via plays. We will still do our purposeful plays to improve creativity, concentration, gross and fine motor skills, and eye-hand coordination, the sense of touch, visual attention, and strengthening delicate hand muscles. This class will be held over zoom and in a mixture of Farsi (70%) and English (30%) languages. For more info please email us at: safoora.seddigh@gmail.com or visit our Instagram.

بازي هاي هدفمند و هوش هيجاني!

 اين كلاس تركيب بازي هاي هدفمند و اموزش هوش هيجاني است كه در ترم اول اشنايي و شناخت احساسات اصلي : شادي، خشم، مهرباني ترس ، غم  در ترم دوم عشق ، اعتماد به نفس و اموزش تكنيك كنترل هر احساس در غالب بازي هاي مختلف در ترم دوم ميباشد. هر جلسه در كنار اموزش هوش هيجاني بازي هاي مختلفي براي دقت و تمركز و توجه ديداري و شنيداري و همچنين مهارت دست ورزي و فعاليتهاي حركتي طراحي شده است. براي اطلاعات بيشتر لطفا ايميل بزنيد:safoora.seddigh@gmail.com

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What Will You Learn?

  • Discovering different emotions via playing
  • Emotional problem solving
  • Emotion management
  • Emotion Balance
  • Improving creativity and concentration
  • Improving gross and fine motor skills
  • Improving eye-hand coordination
  • Improving the sense of touch, visual attention

Student Ratings & Reviews

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6 Ratings
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2 years ago
I must admit that as an adult I never learned how to regulate my emotions in any class. This class has not tremendously helped my child to express her feelings in different ways, it has also taught me how to navigate my emotions when I am exhausted or don't have the patience to respond to my child's needs. Thank you Safoora!
2 years ago
This class has been especially helpful in providing an easier vocabulary between my daughter and I to discuss her emotions. The games and playful stories are great in giving kids the tools to realize their emotions. My daughter loves to re-visit her "happy balloon" in her calming/quiet corner at home :) Thanks for a great class! We can't wait for the next sessions!
2 years ago
The best class for ever, we love emotional spots. Highly recommended.
2 years ago
Good way to show kiddo how to be connected to their feelings and manage those.
2 years ago
Love the course it's a safe place for kids and honestly so useful for an me as a parent.
2 years ago
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